Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My goal with this blog (and the site in general) is to start cataloging my knowledge, projects, and adventures.

I've had this domain for a few years now, and I've gone through several iterations in regard to its purpose and use. Unfortunately, every time I started with a new idea, I would stop after a month or two.

One time I was going to use it as a portfolio. Another time, it was my home page for starting a consulting business. Later, I wanted to use it for building my own brand. I thought I could host a react app, then it was pointing to a Squarespace site. After that it was a Ghost blog. Most recently, it pointed to a documentation site built with mkdocks.

Now, I've finally landed on a docusaurus site. Where I've tried to build a "promotional" or "business" site in the past, this time I'm foregoing all of that and building something primarily for me. That being said - I still hope others can find and make use of it as well 🙂

First, there is the References section, which contains general information, links, and reminders that I've acquired over the years. Topics range from programming languages, to microcontrollers, to cloud providers, and more.

Next, there's the Project section. Within that area, you can find a list of open source projects that I've built or am in the process of building.

Finally, there's the Blog section, which you're reading now. The blog is where I'll have things such as detailed walkthroughs, random thoughts, project ideas, and details about my outdoor adventures.

So, here's to the ... loses count ... Nth iteration! Until next time.