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FarmCraft - July Update

It's about time for another monthly FarmCraft update! The beginning of July started out a bit slow due to working through some other projects, but things picked up again in the second half. Let's take a look. Supplier Management The

FarmCraft June Update

Hey everyone! Around the beginning of May, I created a post, FarmCraft - An Agriculture SaaS PoC, to introduce a SaaS product I started working on. Well, May has come and gone, and we're nearing the end of June, so

DevLog #4

Good morning, and welcome to my weekly DevLog! This week I completed a small amount on FarmCraft, but also took a slight break to work on a custom CRM & project management app that I hope will help me keep track

DevLog #3

Good morning, and welcome to my weekly DevLog! This week, my main accomplishments were adding search functionality to my website, and getting authentication working on the FarmCraft web portal. Time With all of the rain last weekend, I had some

DevLog #2

Good morning, and welcome to my second DevLog! This week I spent time building FarmCraft.Community and started work to add a search component to my site. Time This week I had a couple days where I didn't do much

DevLog #1 - FarmCraft

Last week I introduced the proof of concept for my FarmCraft project. As an extension to that, I thought I'd start a developer log in relation to the work that I'm doing and have completed. This will give me the