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EF Core & Cosmos DB

For most personal and enterprise apps, I tend to use something like Microsoft SQL or Postgres for data storage and persistence, but there are occasions when it may also make sense to use a document database. Previously, I've used Firebase

Blazor vs Flutter - Part 4

This is the fourth article in a 10 article series: Blazor vs Flutter. 1. Blazor vs Flutter - Part 1 (Overview) 2. Blazor vs Flutter - Part 2 (Project Setup) 3. Blazor vs Flutter - Part 3 (Package Installation) 4.

Creating a NuGet Package

Sometimes it can be useful to share your code between projects or with other individuals. One easy way to do this is through the creation of a NuGet package. Below are some steps you can take to publish your package

Open Source Farm Management

Introduction Over the past few months, I've dedicated a fair amount of time to two different activities: 1. Experimenting with indoor farming 2. Building an open source farm management platform I've always been interested in agriculture and had the opportunity

Add a Mount to an Existing Docker Container

When I reset my development machine a while back, I made the decision to forego installing Microsoft SQL as I usually do, and just use the Docker image instead. The cool thing is that the image has SQL running on