Good morning, and welcome to my second DevLog! This week I spent time building FarmCraft.Community and started work to add a search component to my site.


This week I had a couple days where I didn't do much in terms of programming, but overall I had approximately the same amount of time invested as last week. 3/4 of it went toward building out the community version of FarmCraft, while the rest was spent between training and working on my blog.



It didn't feel like I accomplished much this week, but looking at the sprint board seems to tell a different story. I was able to get the FarmCraft's documment-based schema migrated over to Postgres, build out the Authentication and Role actors, and setup the FarmCraft API with login routes and JWT authentication.



FarmCraft.Community Setup

As mentioned in the Tasks section, I was able to get a fair amount done with regard to the pivot to a local-first version of FarmCraft. Most of the work was on the backend so there's not much to show for it; however, in the coming week, I'll get to start working on a base for the web portal and UI.

Docker & Postgres

In the switch from CosmosDB to Postgres, I was able to successfuly pull down a Postgres image and use a Docker container for my database storage instead of having to install Postgres locally on my machine. In addition, I started using Azure Data Studio instead of SQL Server Management Studio and came accross the Postgres extension for it.



Surprisingly, I didn't have too many issues this week. Reading one of Monica Lent's blogs pointed me to algolia for search though, so I spent a bit of time looking into that.

I know that Docusaurus has built-in support for algolia DocSearch, but since my blog's source isn't public, I don't think it qualifies for the free integration. Besides, doing it manually gives me several benefits:

  1. I get a better understanding of how algolia works
  2. I get to customize the search component with MaterialUI
  3. I get to work with Python to build a webscraper to index my site

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'd say this was a good/productive week. It took me a minute to figure out what I was doing with algolia, but I think I have that worked out now (at least the basics). I'm definitely excited and looking forward to the coming week though, as I'll get to work with Blazor again and (hopefully) get the search component deployed on my site.