Good morning, and welcome to my weekly DevLog! This week I completed a small amount on FarmCraft, but also took a slight break to work on a custom CRM & project management app that I hope will help me keep track of things as I start getting into more consulting work.


Unfortunately, this week I don't have a graph of my time. This is primarily due to the fact that I haven't signed up for a paid account within Clickup and, to my knowledge, that's the only way to create a dashboard that displays sprint and time information.

That being said, I know I tracked at least 6 hours working on a client portal to help with my consulting work.


Recorded tasks were a bit light this week, as I shuffled some things around. I was able to complete some work on FarmCraft's web portal authentication and refactored some logic out of multiple core actors into a shared base actor. Outside of that, my time was spent setting up the base of a CRM & project management site for consulting, as mentioned earlier.




If you hadn't seen it yet, earlier this week I wrote a blog detailing my first experience with .Net MAUI. I built a small encryption app that runs on Windows as well as Android.


Blazor Authentication

Blazor Authentication is listed as a struggle, not because of hooking it up, but because of the visuals and "flow" of how it works. Traditionally, authentication provides a login screen right away if you're not authenticated to the service. However, when using Blazor WASM and Azure B2C, there is a brief period where you see the application prior to being redirected to the Azure B2C Login. It took some experimentation to get something that I considered acceptable and that looked ok.

I'll be putting a blog post together in the comming weeks to detail the issue I ran into, as well as how I resolved it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a decent week, even though I didn't get quite as much done on the CRM client portal as I had hoped. I'm hoping to wrap that up in the coming week and get back into some more FarmCraft work.